Applications Tools include:

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Contact Management

  • Separate by types (Members, Businesses, Individuals, etc.)
  • Group by class, categories, or interests
  • Track communication (emails, phone calls, appointment, letters sent, referrals given, etc.)
  • Online Member (registered users) management system
    • Contact information
    • Directory content
    • Logo and image submission
    • Newsletter subscriptions (Single or by interests)

Event Management

  • Event Registrations (Participants, vendors, speakers, etc.)
  • Payment management
    • Free or paid event
    • Online credit card payment or pay later options

Dues and Membership Renewal Management

  • Online registration and renewals
  • Pay by credit card or pay later

Newsletters and Mass Email System

  • Create and use unlimited HTML message templates
  • Track the number of times a contact opens and clicks links within the message
  • linked to contact records and reports
  • Automatically handles unsubscribes and system bounces.
  • Send immediately or schedule a future date.

Reporting Applications to Help Streamline Operations

  • Current members
  • Upcoming renewals
  • Past due
  • Event registration details
  • And much more

Community and Private Calendars

  • Multiple Calendar Views (Monthly or weekly grid, list, upcoming, and Mini)
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Integrated with the eUSAconnect Calendar Network
  • Receive suggested event from Members or the local community (registered users)

eChamberConnect™ will open a whole new world to your Chamber operations. In addition to integrating your membership directory, you can:

  • Conduct Chamber business online
  • Manage Content by inserting or editing text, photos, documents, etc.
  • Manage Users by setting permissions on information to be viewed by members, prospective members, other Chambers – the world
  • Create online forms to collect various information.

SmartStart™ System

One of the many advantages of joining Sygnifi Networks' eCommerceConnect™ is the SmartStart™ marketing program, which enables your Chamber to generate non-dues revenues through the sale of SmartStart™ websites, e-Commerce websites, banners, search engine optimization and advertizing programs, Web TV videos and online reservation booking systems to your members.

SmartStart chart chamber-revenu

Additional Chamber Revenue Opportunities

  • Smart phone applications
  • Online booking systems
  • eConcierge™ packages (Eat/Shop/Stay/Play/Live!)
  • Super-Advanced Marketing (SAM) pages
  • Portal Division affiliations