Trade Portal ~ Vertical Markets

PortalsAn eUSAconnect™ trade portal is a website that brings together information from diverse sources in a unified way. The portals enable organizations, individual businesses or people within a geographic region to market collaboratively and build a virtual community. The designated areas are Travel & Tourism; Culture, Arts & Crafts; Building Trades; and Wedding Planning.

These portals provide a venue for you to tell your stories, report your news and advertize your events to a broader audience. Portals offer a way for disparate community programs to present a consistent look and feel and make use of eUSAConnect's™ cutting edge applications and databases.

Vertical market portals make it easier for interested parties to find relevant information, while connecting users to local businesses, activities, events, news and entertainment. But it goes even further. Because these portals are industry-focused, you can extend your reach beyond the local market across counties, to the entire state and throughout the country. You can maximize your impact with a minimum of effort and investment.